Pumpkin Beer

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PumkingBeerWith so many delicious Pumpkin beers on the market it’s hard to choose a favorite, but personally I always choose something from Southern Tier. 

Southern Tier offers not one, but two delightful pumpkin brews. The first, Southern Tier’s Pumking is imperial Ale made with ale yeast, two types of malt and pumpkin. Pour this into a cinnamon-sugar rimmed glass and you’ve got the quintessential autumn ale. However, if you’re in the mood for a heavier beer, perhaps Southern Tier’s Warlock is for you. Warlock is a full bodied, malty stout that offers toasty, vanilla flavors of stout coupled with the scintillating taste of pumpkin pie. Try them both while we have them in stock, because as you know, they disappear quickly!