Lemon Martini

Lemon Martini

Lemon_Drop_MartiniSome things never go out of style – especially when it comes to hot summer nights and the refreshing flavor of lemon. Crisp and citrusy, this is my favorite Lemon Martini recipe that never fails to satisfy! This recipe is easy to make by the pitcher if you keep in mind the 2:1 ratio lemoncello to vodka.


  • Quality Citron Vodka (I used Ketel One Citron, but if you’re making a lot for a party you could substitute with something like Svedka or Absolut)
  • Lemoncello (I prefer Averno)
  • Ice
  • Sugar
  • Fresh Lemonade


  1. Fill a martini shaker with ice
  2. Add 1/2 shots citron vodka, 3 shots Lemoncello, and a splash of fresh lemonade
  3. Shake and strain into a sugar rimmed glass, garnish with a slice of fresh lemon and enjoy. Repeat as needed!